Welcome to our clinic

We are now fully operational at our new facility, Stoney Creek Medical Arts Centre at
198 Barton Street East in Stoney Creek.

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Keeping the patient informed

Keeping our patients informed is important to us. When we need
to notify you of something important that affects the majority of our
practices, we will send out letters addressed to our patients.

Any information on these letters will also be posted on our website.
Therefore, checking our website regularly will keep you as informed as possible.
We encourage patients to visit this website on a regular basis.

Profetto Savatteri Family Medicine is a clinic comprised of
three doctors:

Dr. Ralph Profetto

Dr. Jason Profetto

Dr. Michael Savatteri

This means there are three practices active within our clinic. Patients
still belong to their specific doctor's practice. Our staff is constantly evolving
to help better the patient's experience, but from time to time,
we may advise patients to speak to another staff member who may be better suited to help them.

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